GO PRO NYC - Trip Planning

Experience the pulse of Midtown Manhattan with industry peers and attend inspiring events that will remind you why interior design is the field for passionate professionals.


Midtown Manhattan is easily accessible by numerous methods of transportation! See below for options.


If you choose to fly into NYC, the closest airport to Manhattan is LaGuardia (LGA), but both Newark International and John F. Kennedy International airports are also nearby options. From all airports, you can then either take public transportation or a taxi to Manhattan. Super Shuttles are also available at each airport and are usually more affordable. For more details, click here.


Taking the train is one of the easiest and most cost-friendly methods of travel into NYC. If you live near an Amtrak station, we advise you compare travel times and costs with that of flights – it’s often quicker AND cheaper to take the train! You can view itineraries and purchase tickets by visiting Amtrak’s website. The train will take you directly to Penn Station in Manhattan.


If you live close, driving is also an affordable option. Parking at some venues may be difficult, however, so you will probably want to leave your car at your hotel or a parking lot outside the city and take public transportation to get into Manhattan.


Each GO PRO/NYC session is held at a different venue in Manhattan. All sites are located within close proximity to each other, however, so accessing them will be easy and fairly inexpensive. Several sites will be within walking distance, but for those that are further apart, we advise either taking the subway or hailing a taxi.


If you are looking for some great lodging options, check out www.airbnb.com or www.hotels.com for some great deals.

Looking for a GO PRO roommate? If you are open to sharing a room with another GO PRO attendee and would like ASID staff to help match you, please email Lindsay at lmarshall@asid.org.


Suggestions on things to do and see will be shared prior to the next GO PRO event.




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