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Student Advancement

Advance to Allied Membership - Advance Your Career

There are two ways to attain allied membership— student advancement or applying new. ASID student members may advance to allied membership upon graduation. Advancing is easy and comes with significant savings as an incentive for continuing membership with ASID!

ASID hopes your student membership has helped you forge a personal network of professional contacts that will help you advance your career. By becoming an allied member, you will stay connected to the largest network of interior design professionals. Your affiliation with ASID distinguishes you to the public, your potential client base, with a mark of qualification that sets you apart from the competition.

The success of ASID is proven by its vast membership of interior designers, from the brightest newcomers to the wisest pioneers. Through their membership in ASID, students, practitioners, educators and industry representatives comprise a community of people committed to interior design. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to extend those contacts - advance your membership today!

Student Advancement to Allied Membership Qualifications

Student members have a window of twelve months from their graduation date to advance to allied membership. Both advancing students and new allied member applicants must submit their college transcripts verifying 40 semester hours or 60 quarter credit hours in interior design education from an accredited institution (university/college or technical school).

Dues and Fees - Cost Savings of Student Advancement!

Pay membership dues your way…via 12 monthly installments or one annual payment!

  Student Advancement New Allied Practitioner*
YEAR 1 $ 85 $ 570
($100 application fee + $470* dues)
YEAR 2 $ 155 $ 470*
YEAR 3 $ 245* $ 470*
YEAR 4 $ 330* $ 470*
YEAR 5 $ 380* $ 470*
YEAR 6 $ 470* $ 470*
$ 1,255 $ 0

*Dues listing includes annual $15 legislative assessment for new and existing members.

Advancing is easy.

The fastest way is to complete the process online. As an active student member, login and select "My ASID" and "Advance to Allied Membership." You will need to upload a copy of your transcript and complete the payment of $85. That's it-- you'll be an Allied member in no time! 

Increased Member Benefits

Your new status as an allied member will allow you to continue enjoying the benefits you use regularly, such as your subscription to ASID ICON; your online social networking connection; member rates and discounts on publications, events and conferences; and award and publicity opportunities. Your expanded benefits include:

  • Immediate use of the allied member ASID appellation — a mark of excellence in the interior design marketplace
  • Additional exclusive networking opportunities available through the Society and any one of the 48 ASID chapters
  • The ASID job bank
  • Leadership and volunteer opportunities on local and national levels
  • Complimentary and discounted design publication subscriptions
  • Complimentary use of the ASID Designer Referral Service matching potential clients to practitioner members whose profile best suits a customer’s specific needs
  • Discounted pricing on business tools such as commercial and residential professional contracts
  • Research publications such as The ASID Interior Design Billings Index and The Interior Design Profession: Facts and Figures
  • Advocacy efforts that protect your right to practice and promote your concerns and efforts regarding sustainable and universal design
  • The Eye on Design weekly e-newsletter to keep on top of design and small business news
  • ASID Continuing Education Units (CEUs) available at Society and chapter events or online
  • ASID emerging professional Web events providing continued career development education on topics that apply specifically to the new designer, including seminars and virtual town hall events