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  • ASID members are a diverse group of professionals.  The Society's 16,000 practicing interior designers, are equally divided between commercial and residential design:
    3,000 commercial
    5,000 residential
    8,000 mixed
  • All members of ASID must adhere to the Society's code of ethics and professional conduct, ensuring consumers respectful and professional conduct when they hire an ASID designer.
  • The ASID appellation signifies that a professional member has met rigorous acceptance standards.  They must have a combination of accredited design education and/or full-time work experience and pass a two-day accreditation examination administered by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ). For detailed information about the ASID appellation, please click here.
  • These strict membership requirements and code of ethics set ASID designers apart from others in the field.

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