Design Portfolio 1


Cayman Islands
Portfolio 2005 - 2010
Cayman Islands

This portfolio features rooms or items designed by Lisa Clarke between 2005 and 2010 - there have been rooms done that were not photographed.




Design to soothe the soul

Everything we do has a multifunctional purpose – I have found that designing spaces helps me to compartmentalize me and all that I am about so when I want to have something new about me, it has to provide multiple solutions whilst offering a peace of mind and a necessary change, albeit subtle from


a financial perspective.  My search for storage that functioned aesthetically and depicted my design abilities was a must when envisioning this wall of purpose.  The idea was to create a space that functioned for my current needs as well as future needs – organization that spoke rather just was.
This wall of cupboards hide the mechanics of an alarm system, games, luggage, arts and craft tools, seasonal decorations and outdoor utensils for grilling. It is home to the water cooler, having its customized niche within the dining room and the piece-d-resistance, the crème d la crème

In an ever changing mood it is necessary to have an item or a place that remains a constant.


of the wall is the perfect display of the white serving dishes, bringing an elegance to the, oh so very functional space. The flat panels of the cabinets, almost seamless yet engaging - the divisions in their concept form part of the wall design.   ‘The wall’ often is unnoticed by most, then the surprise that it is more than just a wall hits and you say “Oh!”
When I come home the colours offer me warmth - when I sit here in my dining room I feel like I am home. This room, with everything in its place is graceful and soothing, when we live in an ever changing environment it is necessary to have an item or a place that remains a constant – the colours, the function, the comfort is that place.

So, how does design soothe the soul? It has to provide us with what we need, not just what we want, to make a design scheme function, to achieve, even temporarily, what  you envision to be the perfect place - to set the mood one has to decide on what would make you feel at peace with yourself.  The general view on colours is that some depict violence or peace, a sense of calm, serenity or turbulence - however it could be a debatable subject on whether or not the personality of the person really is what dictates the effect the colour has on them.
I needed a calm and a peacefulness about me for a while – the smoky blue of this room gave me that peace, it settled my soul and my heart – my life needed a new purpose and function was a key component so a new storage space was the ideal solution.  Storage and compartmentalizing placed things in perspective, organizing my storage helped to offer an organization for my life. The idea was not to create a storage that stood out but one that blended in, one that did not alter too much yet changed everything – offering me a refuge within an already existing space.
In essence this design concept has soothed my soul.