REGREEN Implemetation Workshop

Monday, November 18, 2013 - 8:00am to 6:00pm


Cosentino Center
121 Green Tree Road
19460 Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
United States
Cosentino Center
121 Green Tree Road
19460 Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
United States

The REGREEN Implementation Workshop is an instructor-led practicum on maximizing energy and water conservation, sourcing non-toxic materials that contribute to healthy indoor air quality, and integrating strategies to get everyone on board. The full-day workshop is comprised of faculty lecture, small group charrettes, and peer-group interaction.


The 300-level workshop offers 8 health/safety/welfare CEUs (IDCEC), which are also applicable to LEED credential maintenance (although not LEED-specific).


The REGREEN Implementation Workshop is taught by Annette K. Stelmack, Allied ASID, LEED AP BD+C, Sustainable Design Consultant at Inspirit-llc and co-author of Sustainable Residential Interiors.


Continental breakfast, lunch, and snacks are included.


For questions about registration, contact Hannah Flauaus ( or 202-675-2343).


The workshop is open to interior designers, architects, builders, contractors, realtors, and even homeowners looking to renovate in an environmentally-friendly way. ASID membership is not required to participate.


There is one prerequisite for the workshop:

REGREEN: A Guide for REGREEN Remodeling Projects

Format: Self-paced, online course available 24/7

Time: approximately 2 hours

CEU: 2

Cost: $59.99 ($39.99 ASID members)

BASIC / 100 Level

Enroll at


The workshop is the capstone course in the REGREEN Trained™ certificate program. See for more information.


For questions about registration, contact Hannah Flauaus ( or 202-675-2343).


For questions on the REGREEN® program or the REGREEN Implementation Workshop, contact Heidi Salati ( 202.675.2355) or Sarita Williams ( 202-521-7861).

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